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Hi, I'm Andrei

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I'm currently 41 years old, living in Timișoara, Romania.

I've been designing & developing websites and web apps since 2000 and went through all the stages: from HTML3/jQuery to HTML5/ES6 and beyond. I like to think of myself as an eclectic code designer.

Eclectic Code Designer

Eclectic because I don't follow a specific technology or a school of thought in a dogmatic way. Instead, I apply various practices and technologies that suit the problem I'm facing, in a pragmatic fashion.

Code designer has a double meaning. First of all, I'm very keen about code design and maintaining a clean code base. Additionally, I'm also a hybrid between a designer and a developer. Besides being a software engineer working with code, I also have a strong passion for aesthetics, animations, interaction, and everything related to design in a broad sense.

UI Engineering

I'm currently working as an User Interface Developer switching between web and mobile.

My everyday battles revolve around Clean Code Design, User & Developer Experience, UI Interaction & Design, and fighting software entropy through constant Refactoring, Automated Testing, Code Reviews, and Team Collaboration.

My primary tech stack currently include React/React Native, TypeScript and Next.js.

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Community involvement

Since 2013, I've been deeply involved in the local JavaScript community, co-organizing tim.js, a monthly meetup dedicated to the entire JavaScript ecosystem.

Together with an wonderful team, we're organizing revo.js, an annual technically focused, not-for-profit, and community driven JavaScript conference.

Last, but not least, I enjoy sharing my knowledge during meetup and conference talks, hands-on workshops and trainings, or in written articles.